Friday, 10 January 2014

Our ImagiNations Campaign at Durham Wargames Group kicked off last night with a couple of cracking games. We are using the Maurice rules by Sam Mustafa and a mixture of Napoleonic and various ersatz figures to fill the ranks. Players are already embroiled in the frantic figure buying, painting and sabot basing necessary for such endeavours. As the weeks progress I shall try to keep this blog updated with what is going on; in detail when I can be bothered, in jist when I can't.

Anyway, here is a map of the campaign world. Please refer to the tabs above for information on individual countries. Their Epic Point levels will be updated each week.
The campaign world has a potentially limitless series of wars. A war always has two sides, in this case of 3 countries each. There is never more than one war happening at a time and it continues until peace is declared. The wars pair up players to fight tabletop battles which are fought simultaneously as a series.
The winner of the campaign is he who is the first to accumulate the specified number of Epic Points.

Epic Points are awarded for a number of reasons, most commonly for fighting battles, winning battles by various degrees and, of course, winning a war. But they can also be awarded for such things as accepting a surrender or being a gracious captor. Note that EPs can also be spent by players to, amongst other things, buy cards, transfer a unit during peacetime and get rid of a useless Notable character.

STOP PRESS: The belligerents have gravitated into 2 opposing factions. The Triple Alliance of Gormenghast, Borogovia & Vulgaria and the Tripartite Pact of Albion, Covonia & The Order of St. Elmo. 


  1. By all right articles of war sir, but thats a fine start to proceedings! I shall follow your progress closely, for indeed our own plans this year involve such beastly shenanigans.

  2. Thanks Steve, I hope you can take part in the bourse!

  3. Indeed yes. It is just a shame that our toys are bigger than yours or little wars could ensue.

  4. *chinks glass respectfully* cheers old boy, what an amazing jolly wheeze.