Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Markets turn on Albion

In an extraordinary round of trading the Albion Guinea was deserted by investors and saw its price drop by nearly 40%. The beneficiary of this release of capital into the marketplace was the Valletta. Ironic then that a few hours after the markets closed Lord Effingham of Albion should inflict a crushing defeat on the Knights of St. Elmo. We will undoubtedly see a rush on the Guinea now by fickle traders eager to make good their mistakes. They would do well to remember the old maxim "Previous performances are no guarantee of future results". 
Despite a drop in price the Kinder remains the most widely held currency with investors.

Dirk McShifty's Tip of the Week: Don't panic! Try to avoid a scatter gun approach to trading. Especially don't panic with a scatter gun. My Uncle Dougie did that and we had to put him on a ship to the colonies; nasty business.

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