Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Battle of Jacob's Creek

Strange days indeed. It seems like only a week ago that we lauded our brave Covonian allies, now we were preparing to meet the cowardly back-sliding traitors in battle. Our great leader, the Baron, is well versed in the methods of defence, having a not inconsiderable track record in that particular tactic. This time, however, he decided to go on the attack.

The snot gobblers were in a reasonably strong position with their garrisoned town flanked by a hill and ploughed fields. The Baron however, who has the eye of a hawk (he keeps it in a jar next to the cruet), espied a weakness in their right flank and determined to exploit it.
Sending forth all of our cavalry (including the redoubtable 2nd Landwehr) in a lightning gallop he managed to put the willies well and truly up the Covonian infantry on that side.

While the Covonian cavalry commander flapped like a fat tarts bloomers in a hurricane us infantry began our inexorable advance toward the foe.
The musket play between the elite regiments in the centre was bloody and could have gone either way. The pressure on their right flank, however, was more successful and pretty soon the Covonian infantry began to melt away.

It was at this stage that Baron Snott of Covonia decided that, discretion being the better part etc., he should yield the field and see about getting lunch ready. Bomburst, being a true gentlemen and also rather peckish by this time, agreed and they proceeded to enjoy a rather nice cold meat buffet. We all sat down in the field and ate our sandwiches. It's a grand life is soldiering.

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