Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Battle of Staggerred

Fought between the armies of Vulgaria and Albion this closely fought engagement saw one or two object lessons in the use of the Maurice game rules.

The Albion forces were defending a pair of adjacent (if slightly askew) towns with their infantry arrayed on their left flank with supporting columns behind.
The Vulgarians lined up opposite with 4 regiments, led by elites, advancing upon the defended towns.
Upon seeing this the Albion general reinforced his garrison with another regiment of elites. 

The infantry battle was predictably intense with the Albion forces losing 3 regiments to the Vulgarians 2.

However, the attempt on the towns were less successful. Unable to weaken the garrison by musketry the leading elite Vulgarian regiment was itself routed by musket fire from the town.

As night fell the objective remained out of reach.

Oh, by the way, both sides cavalry deployed some way behind the infantry and both sides cavalry stayed exactly where they were for the entire battle.

Attacking remains a difficult choice in Maurice. The extra unit doesn't make a great deal of difference and taking towns, especially with elite garrisons, is a tough nut.

Never mind, a good game fought with good sportsmanship and providing food for thought for both protagonists. Looking forward to the next one.

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