Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Eiderdown War is over! Following Albion's humiliation at the hands of "barbarous" Covonia their alliance with Gormenghast and St. Elmo has collapsed. The result is a much needed peace and while the armies re-equip the speculators are moving in to pick over the remains of this conflict. 

Extracts from ‘The Encyclopaedia Gormenghastica’

The Eiderdown War
The continent wide war that immediately followed 'The First Trade War'. Started by Covonia after an alleged diplomatic incident. Covonian diplomats falsely claimed that Gormenghastian envoys were noisy neighbours and had kept them awake at night. This was refuted by the Gorhmenghast Ambassador Pumphosen, who claimed that at the time of the alleged incident, embassy staff could not have been involved in any way as they were otherwise occupied with their formal duties in the ‘Ceremony of the Owls’.

Ceremony of the Owls
A Gormenghastian tradition enacted on all moonlit nights between the months of January and December. Festivities are usually accompanied by the massed pipes of Gormenghast. The Gormenghast pipers are renowned for their prowess with the traditional Gormenghast instrument, the screechorn.

The Screechorn
A Gormenghastian instrument of ancient tradition, played at many official ceremonies. The sound of the screechorn has been likened to a joyous chorus of caterwauling cats with the subtle undertones of a screech owl.

The Great Screechorn of Groan

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