Monday, 20 April 2015

A jolly little battle between Vulgaria and Borogrovia.

The Borogovians defend their two towns in a fairly standard way but prudently keep reinforcements to the rear in column. They may need them to plug the gaps that the Vulgarians seem anxious to make.

The battle begins and suddenly it's bloody raining again!

Baron Bomburst, dynamic and daring chancer that he is, sends the bulk of his infantry in column to attack the Borogrovian left flank.

Colonel von Strohm of the 13th Landwehr leads from the front.

                                                                                "What's that over there? Yes, there in the undergrowth?!"

A band of rum looking coves I'm sure you'll agree.

After some fierce musketry the 1st Vulgarian obliterate the first garrison allowing 2nd Vulgarian to press on into the Borogrovian lines.

The Vulgarians continuing to squeeze but far too slowly and inefficiently. The day ends and everyone heads back to their billets. Soggy and frankly none the wiser.

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