Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Gormenghast and Vulgaria faced off in a forest with Vulgaria outscouting Gormenghast. Vulgaria having opted to defend, deployed in several lines with a grand battery of 4 artillery prominently placed in the front line. Unfortunately, for them, the first card turned was 'weather' and it began to rain effectively negating the Vulgarian artillery advantage.
The battle opened with the traditional Gormenghast flanking manoeuvre but the Vulgarians managed to steal the initiative with a spirited flank attack of their own.

The action was thus initially focussed in the centre with much lethal volleying from both sides leading to some tense moments. Eventually Gormenghast stabilised the centre with some timely rallying but not before the elite 4th Gormenghast were swept away by a Vulgarian charge.

With their centre stabilised, Gormenghast were then able to concentrate on their flanking move. Thanks to the dark skills of the unconscionable blackguard Thomas Burgess, the Gormenghastian infantry would have no trouble with the woods that blocked their way.

With the advantage of numbers and a previously hoarded 'Deadly Fire' card the Vulgarian flank began to crumble. At this point Baron Bombast requested the honours of war, which the Constable duly granted.

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