Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The cavalry skirmish at Sticiwiquette
Extract form the letters of Capt von Trapp of the Duchess’ Hussars

Dear Maria,
Am currently recuperating after a bizarre day in the field near the village of Sticiwiquette. First thing in the morning we were all lined up to have another pop at those cowardly Corvoninas.

 We cavalry were up on the right flank and on top of a small rise in order to best watch what the snotties were doing. 

The infantry were carrying out some brisk manoeuvres behind while the Baron barked obscenities at them, all pretty standard stuff.

Meanwhile the enemy had arrayed himself in multiple columns in the centre with their cavalry directly opposite us.

We were expecting a pretty long series of marches and formation changes before things got hot. I had taken my feet out of the stirrups and was stretching my legs and young Rolf Gruber, our Cornet, had brought a pocket breakfast and gave me a bit of his sausage, but suddenly all hell broke loose.The beastly Corvonian cavalry broke into a gallop and before you could say Do-Re-Mi they were onto us.
It was a pretty stiff fight I don’t mind saying with plenty of toing and froing. The uhlans broke and ran and I saw Hans Zeller and Max Detweiler fall. You remember Max don’t you? Big fellow, wife has a lazy eye. Anyway after a few exhortations from our beloved colonel Herr Creasey we put the blackguards to flight.

Then the strangest thing happened. As we were in pursuit we fell upon a lonely figure way ahead of the enemy lines. As his mouth opened and closed like a landed carp I realised that it was none other the Grand Linctus himself. With a yelp he turned his steed and galloped as if Lucifer himself was on his tail. We were all blown after the fight so let him go.. and go.. and go. In fact he quit the field completely much to, I imagine, the chagrin of the rest of his army which turned around and headed for home.

So that was that. We took the wounded back to the convent at Sticiwiquette where they were well cared for. I’m pleased to say that Max Detweiler survived his wounds which is fortunate as he owes me money. He’s a fine lancer but can’t play cards to save his life.
Hope you are all well, kiss the children for me. Try to leave the curtains alone and no bloody singing!
Your loving husband,

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  1. I am absolutely loving this. New here, and very happy to have discovered it :))