Friday, 29 May 2015

The Battle of Daynewmorn

The forces of Vulgaria and Borogrovia clashed one more time on the plains of Daynewmorn. On these windswept vistas there is no shelter from the biting Nor’easterlies nor is there is naught nothing from the Nor’westerlies neither.

The Borogrovia commander lined his army up with typical precision and awaited the Vulgarian onslaught.

 The Borogrovian right flank looks a little on the sparse side.

                                                                      Big Vern pulls his hat down against the worsening breeze.


True to form the Baron let fly with his formidable left and the Landwehr swung onto the Borogrovian right which was being hastily reinforced.

                                                                        Peter von Frechtling leads the way.

At last! The Borogrovian gunners are given their long awaited opportunity to show what they can do.

They do - and miss.

                    While the gunners bemoan their insufficient ordnance the colonel blames their lack of balls.

With the loss of 3 regiments without reply and the Vulgarians poised to deliver the knock out blow, Big Vern does the decent thing and requests the Honours of War.

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